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Submissions are invited for the 2nd International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Science to be held in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand on 23 -25 November 2018. This is an exceptional platform for researchers, academics, students, innovators, scientists and industry practitioners to discuss current research which is shaping a new world society. This conference will be a good platform to share research, innovations, and best-practices where constructive feedback and engagement with domain experts is expected. Many topics of the multi-disciplinary nature as a response to everyday challenges faced in both developing and developed world contexts will be discussed. We encourage submissions of cross-disciplinary nature cutting across many disciplines/subject-areas. We encourage any submissions that present novel ideas, works-in-progress or any concepts that you think can benefit from inputs from experts. Students and/or emerging researchers are encouraged to participate. The following are the different tracks in this conference:

All accepted and registered papers will be published in SCOPUS Indexed Journal

2nd International Conference IRES, 2018 invites original contributions on all topics related to Computational Science, including, but not limited to:

Track 1: Data Mining & Computational Intelligence Techniques:

  • Pattern Analysis and Mining,
  • Graphical Models,
  • Spatial & Temporal Mining,
  • Abnormality & Outlier Detection,
  • Computational Learning Theory,
  • Big Data, Mining with Data Clouds, 
  •  Text & Web Mining, Optimization Methods,
  • Data Integration & Exchange, Image Processing and Segmentation,
  • Robotics, Social impact of data mining, Acoustic imaging;
  • Audio video System;
  • Biometrics;
  • Computational applications in Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Naval, Marine, Civil engineering;
  • Computational research in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural sciences, Minerals, Metals and Material Sciences, High performance and Parallel/distributed data mining

Track 2: Computation With Modeling:

  • Ubiquitous Computing,
  • Agent Based Systems, 
  • Pattern Recognition,
  • Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing,
  • Embedded Computing,
  • Pervasive Computing,
  • Cluster Computing ,
  • Digital Image Computing,
  • Evolutionary Computing,
  • Fuzzy Computing,
  • Approximate Algorithms,
  • Bioinspired Optimization,
  •  Perceptual Computing,
  • Image Segmentation,
  • Memetic Computing,
  • Computer Vision & Image Processing,
  • Emotional Computing, Rough Sets Theory,
  • Autonomous Computing, Soft computing (including neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation)

Track 3: Green Computing And Neural Networks :

  • Brain Machine Interface,
  • Surface Computing,
  • Evolutionary Algorithms,
  • Graph theory Applications,
  • Statistical computing,
  • Soft computing,
  • Swarm Intelligence,
  • Artificial Immune System,
  • Artificial Neural Networks,
  • Extreme Learning Machines,
  • Hybrid Intelligent Systems,
  • Genetic Algorithms,
  • Uncertainty Analysis, Content-Based Image Retrieval,
  •  Advance Optimization techniques
  • Climate and Ecosystem Monitoring,
  • Energy Saving Solutions and Tradeoffs,
  • Power-aware Algorithms and Protocols,
  • Renewable Energy Based Techniques,
  • Smart Buildings,
  • Eco-friendly Computing &Green Cloud Computing
  • The Smart City

Track 4: Communications Systems & Signal Processing

  • IoT
  • ?Mobile ad-hoc networks
  • Mobile Identity Management,
  • Security access policies,
  • Network security management,
  • Privacy-respecting authentication issues,
  • Sensor Networks,
  • Data Communication,
  • Future Networks
  • Ubiquitous Networks
  • Network Security
  • Multimedia Networking etc.
  • Communication Systems
  • Coding and Information Theory
  • Wireless, UWB, Ultrasonic Communications
  • Satellite Communications
  • Signal, Processing
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Optical Networks
  • Optical Fiber Technologies
  • Lasers and Photonic Components
  • High Speed optical LANs and Gigabit Ethernet
  • QoS

Track 5: Advance Engineering Applications

  • Natural Language Processing,
  • Cognitive Science,
  • Internet Computing,
  • Cybernetics Technology,
  • Nanotechnology,
  • Climate/Environmental Science,
  • Drug Discovery,
  • Automation & Process Control,
  • Bio-surveillance,
  • Sensor Network Applications,
  • Social Network Analysis,
  • Intelligence Analysis,
  • Body Area Network, Remote Sensing & GIS Application,
  • Steganography & Authentication,
  • Data Privacy Preserving Techniques,
  • Data / Image Compression;
  • Digital Image Processing;
  • Image / Video Coding and Transmission;
  • Image Enhancement, Formation, Restoration;
  • Multimedia Applications; Spatial Applications;
  • Satellite Imagery analysis; Multispectral image analysis;
  • Non-evasive quality control using imaging techniques;
  • Medical image analysis; Image and Pattern analysis;
  • Image Segmentation;
  • Computational Biology and Bio-Informatics;
  • Biomedical imaging and Sensing;
  • Bio-Technology,
  • Cyber-Physical Systems; Computational methods in Nanoscience,
  • Quantum Computing; Simulation and Modeling

This is a blind peer-reviewed conference. Authors are cordially invited to submit papers through mail on email id: before 12th November 2018.

Instructions For Authors
  1. Original papers based on theoretical or experimental works related to the above mentioned sub themes are solicited for presentation in the conference. The paper should begin with title, short abstract and a list of keywords. Simultaneous submissions (papers already submitted to other conferences/journals) are not allowed.
  2. All papers must follow (given in point 5) formatting instructions
  3. Please do not submit plagiarized papers.
  4. All the papers will be submitted through mail on email id: Authors are requested to follow paper submission link on website.
  5. Download Paper Format in DOC Click Here

Copy Right Form:

  1. In order to publish paper in the conference proceeding, the authors are required to submit a signed copyright form for each accepted paper during registration.
  2. Download Copyright form in DOC Click Here

We look forward to a mutually rewarding and long lasting association with you and your esteemed organization.

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